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Different Items Powered by the Sun

May 29, 2019

While most people see using solar power as having panels on a roof, (and often despair because they’ll never be able to afford to have panels on their roof) that’s not all it is. Solar power comes in many shapes and forms and can provide the same clean electricity as solar panels new jersey without punching a hole through your wallet. There are several electronic items in our homes and businesses that can be exchanged for solar power in a cheap and easy manner.

First, think about your phone charger and all the power it guzzles to charge your phone. A solar-powered charger can not only keep your phone from dying without an electrical outlet, but it can often hold more energy in than your phone battery can. Just place the charger on a windowsill and let the sun do all the work.

Solar powered lights can also be used, and one of the cooler variants is a sticker light that you can hang anywhere. Just stick them outside on any flat surface. It charges during the day time and then expends that charge at night to light up your home or driveway. Plus, it acts just like any other outdoor light and dims when it doesn’t detect motion, before lighting up if it does.

Finally, who doesn’t like it when their lantern goes out in the middle of the camping trip due to a faulty bulb? A solar-powered lamp can provide a whole night’s worth of light with just a few hours of sunlight, and you just stick it out it the sun and charge it up without any trouble.

solar panels new jersey

Think about the other problems that you have with the electronics in your life, and then see if there is a solar powered variant out there for you to explore!