Why Schools Need These Vending Machines

Why Schools Need These Vending Machines

May 29, 2019

During the Obama administration years, the First Lady had concerns. She could relate to the poor standards being set by many high schools across the country. After all, she had two growing kids of her own. Her concern was over the poor eating habits being foisted onto junior and high school kids. She also had a problem with the vending machines being placed in the schools’ cafeteria areas and corridors.

Whether her influence on changing schools’ feeding programs rubbed off on these industries is immaterial at this time because the vending machines that could be installed at these schools will have a healthy effect on the kids. Many of these machines are coming from the distribution floors of the healthy vending machines long beach ca enterprises. Slot a coin into one of these machines and what do you get?

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Not a sugar-coated candy bar but a fruit flavored sugar free muesli bar. Not bagged salty crisps but baked alternatives low in sodium content. And there’s not a can of soda in sight. Because its juice, juice and more juice all the way through. The challenge, however, is to ensure that these juice bottles are very low in sugar content. And whether its plastic or glass bottles, they need to be recycled so that they can be reused.

As to whether the teachers and their kids are getting it right to change their eating habits remains to be seen. There is still a long way to go before the stats on chronically obese and juvenile diabetes cases start to reflect a healthy downwards spiral. But the use of healthy vending machines is one of any number of positive contributions being made in this direction. And of course, it is a good source of revenue for the schools.