Good quality corn from farmers

The crisp taste of summer is in the air, and this season’s offerings of locally-grown corn are not to be overlooked. Whether you’re indulging in a handful of freshly plucked kernels, making an unbeatable pot of succotash at home, or grabbing a few ears to take to your next barbecue, there’s no denying the power of that sweet golden goodness.

While it is tempting to pick up whatever’s available at the grocery store, there are plenty of passionate farmers out there producing supremely delicious corn. These farm-to-table producers prioritize quality over quantity—and the results speak for themselves. Their non-GMO varieties come with a guarantee of flavor and texture, providing you with scrumptious goodness each and every time you take a bite.

If you want to make sure your plate gets filled with the best of what nature has to offer, it pays to take a look around your community for local farms that are selling directly. You may find things like organically grown rainbow corn, multi-colored bi-color corn, and even heirloom varieties like Stowell’s Evergreen that have been around since 1879. It can be beneficial to get to know the farmers themselves, too; chances are they won’t hesitate to share some hands-on knowledge about the varieties they specialize in.

Similar to shopping for produce in season at an outdoor market, buying fresh corn from local growers carries with it certain joys and advantages: you know that you’re getting the freshest corn available (taste difference!) and you’re supporting your local farmer community at the same time. Every penny counts—and every bite matters!

Are you a cooking enthusiast? If the answer is yes, then the important ingredients in your diet would be corn. Freshly harvested and quality corn gives dishes an amazing flavor and texture. But what happens if the ingredients do not meet the required standards? Well, that’s why we need to understand how to select good-quality corn from farmers.

To purchase fresh, sweet, and quality corn, first of all, check the color. Green or yellowish-green fresh corns are considered great quality ones. When looking at the kernels, they should be compacted and arranged with a thin layer of white covering each kernel. Also, make sure to check that the root hairs are dry. These hairs should be dry with no presence of any sort of rotten smell.

When you have identified the desired characteristics, you need to inquire about the farmer’s credentials. Always ask whether or not they have proper certification for their products mostly obtained after quality audits as well as if their land is chemical-free or not. Reputed farmers use natural fertilizer at regular intervals and practice sustainable farming. Buying from certified farmers allows us to get more nutritional values from our food as well as helps us make an ethical choice by supporting sustainable agriculture.

Finally, after selecting desired characteristics in corn cobs and credentials of farmers, it’s time to discern the taste and sweetness of corns. Make sure to keep a few cobs with you so that you can experience and determine the overall value before purchasing a dozen cobs from the same farmer.