The mission of the Sugar House Farmers Market is to create a family-friendly neighborhood farmers market

The Sugar House Farmers Market is a thriving community farmers market that was founded in Salt Lake City, Utah to bring together local residents for shopping, entertainment and fun. This farmers market has been built around the idea of creating an enjoyable, family-friendly space for the area to come together and enjoy the local fare.

The mission of the Sugar House Farmers Market is to offer fresh, locally sourced produce and products, while delivering a unique and welcoming atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. There is an emphasis on connecting with local producers, upholding the highest standards of quality, and providing a place where people can come together to celebrate their diverse community.

At the market you can find locally grown produce alongside artisanal products like jams, jellies, baked goods, and crafts. During market hours customers have the opportunity to interact with friendly vendors and find out about new recipes or cooking tips. Additionally, there are live music performances and fun activities for children like face painting.

The Sugar House Farmers Market strives to create a sense of belonging through its unique atmosphere. Not only does it provide fresh ingredients for healthy meals but also local information that helps foster a connected community. All profits from activities at this farmers market stay within Sugar House and benefit the community in various ways.

The mission of the Sugar House Farmers Market is to create a family-friendly neighborhood gathering place that supports delicious food and meaningful relationships all in one convenient location! They have done an impressive job cultivating a lively atmosphere full of fun activities as well as delicious food. Whether you’re looking for fresh produce or just want to spend some time enjoying the company of your neighbors, head down to this vibrant farmers market on any given Sunday!

It’s no doubt that the Sugar House Farmers Market is one of the best local markets in Salt Lake City, Utah. Established in 2009 with the mission to create a family-friendly neighborhood farmers market, the Sugar House Farmers Market has grown to be a beloved staple of the community.

Located in Sugarhouse Park and open every Sunday from mid-May through October, the Sugar House Farmers Market brings together farmers, small businesses, artisans and food vendors to provide fresh and locally grown produce. Visitors can enjoy a variety of fruits and veggies, cheeses, meats, artisan breads and pastries, jams and jellies, cider, honey and other farm products. The market also has plenty of prepared foods like tacos and crepes ready to go, as well as coffee and smoothies.

Just as important as its food offerings are the special features built into the market experience. Families are greeted by live music from Salt Lake City musicians and can check out what’s new at the community bulletin board. Kids also can partake in activities like face painting and crafts.

Above all else, the Sugar House Farmers Market strives to create an inclusive space for all who visit it. The “buy-one-get-one” program for SNAP participants eliminates economic barriers for those who may not have budgeted for fresh food otherwise, while vendors are encouraged to keep their prices at a level that allows anyone to purchase what they need. Together with the Woodbury Corporation and Canyon View Church, the market is dedicated to providing free lunch every Sunday through its “Feed Your Neighbor” initiative as well.

The mission of the Sugar House Farmers Market is undoubtedly twofold: Keep families fed through healthy eating habits while creating a communal gathering space where everyone feels welcomed. All who visit will be sure to get a sense of that on each visit.